Quick Information.

Postal Address:33 Le Duan, District 1, HCM City

our services

We offer end-to-end software services for Startup and Medium/Enterprise companies around the World.

WBOOKAPP do full-fledged Mobile and Web apps development services including Grahphic design, UI prototype/design system, Front-End/Back-End design & code, Infra/DevOps, Customer Support for Global Customers. We are excel at building entire systems from Zero to Production for Startups. We are also a great fit for optimizing existing Medium/Enterprise platforms that need operations at scale, migrate code, add new capabilities or intergarte with other systems.

  • React/NextJS, React Native

  • tRPC, Prisma, TypeScript

  • NextJS, SwiftUI, Expo/RN

  • NodeJS, Java, .NET Core

  • Kubernetes, Docker

  • Vercel, AWS, Azure, Google

  • React/React Native Workshop

  • AI/ML, TensorFlow/Pytorch

Startup Projects

Help boostrap Startup initiatives from Ideas to Market quickly

You have some great new ideas in mind looking for a trusted dev team who can consult & build whatever you need. Or you already have a physical business model that works for years, chances to scale that model to serve bigger and even more complex requirements from your Clients.

Here at WBOOKAPPP we build green-field apps from scratch with the ability to scale as the business grows. We also build standard APIs which could be consumed by multiple clients such as Browser, Mobile, Desktop, CLI so that it's easy and no worry to start with web-first or mobile-first strategies.

We use modern but powerful web technologies like React/Vue, React Native, GraphQL, Node, Elixir or Rust; Cloud services like AWS, DO, and prototype tools like Figma, Framer to make your ideas/plan come to real life.

Mediums & Enterprises

Help extend Medium & Enterprise Systems capabilities

Our team with practical experiences working on Medium/Enterprise Software industry, can understand your systems totally quickly, hence will be a great fit to any of your needs below:

We help with upgrades/migrates part of Enterprise systems, or integrate seamlessly with other 3rd party services.

We build brown-field Mobile and Web softwares on top of CRM, ERP, Banking, Logistics, Automotive platforms.

We use mature & robust technologies such as React/RN, Swift/SwiftUI, Java/Kotlin, .NET Core, Go, Python; Cloud services like AWS, Azure, Google; and prototype tools like Figma, Sketch.