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Postal Address:33 Le Duan, District 1, HCM City

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Bosware Recruit


Bosware LLC - Australia




2019 - 2020

Technologies: Typescript, Vue, Moleculer, GraphQL, Knex, PostgresQL, Redis, Stripe Checkout, AWS Polly, WebRTC, Kubernetes on Digital Ocean, Figma Design.

We design two User pages corresponding to Jobseeker and Employer, and one Admin page for data management purpose.

For Jobseekers, it's optimized for efficiently making all the necessary information, options to show their suggestions to Employers, to update LifeTrack, and to manage User Subscription.

For Employers, it's simple to do requirement search, to view candidate information, to update StaffTrack, and to manage User Subscription.

Admin page is responsible for tracking all the important information about Users, Subscriptions, Jobs...

Our system is integrated with Stripe Payment/Checkout for User Subscription.

We create a GraphQL API to make it feasible for building a mobile application in the future when the bussiness needs.


Video Record

Video Record is one of the two core features in our system along with the matching capabilities.

It's easy and comfortable for Jobseekers to make Video Records, edit Videos until happy to submit to storage server.

We build an WebRTC application to handle video recording, processing... All the videos are stored on Digital Ocean Cloud.

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